Energy efficient factory

Back to nature - high quality log home production

The excellence of log building has been polished through centuries of craftsmanship. The well-tried solutions and qualities are standardized to meet high standards and constant quality. Through industrial manufacturing, the high reliability of delivery, fast building and realization of vast collections are guaranteed. The style of a modern log house can be anything between a traditional log house and an individual architectural experiment.


The CE approved log house factory

Surrounded by the best raw material in Northern Finland, the efficient and trustworthy staff prepares all of our building kits with first class precision. The raw material is local – we use the durable pine & spruce of Northern Finland.

The latest technology, including the wood processing center Hundegger K2, enables us to create products of extreme precision and quality. The quality control of the factory was certified when applying for the CE mark. The entire production process is closely monitored from the time of receiving the raw materials to the last piece of the house package being sent.


Precision in production

We are particularly proud of the production quality of our factory in Northern Finland, quality which is the result of time-consuming development work. All of the logs and log raw material used by Artichouse are checked for the humidity percentage and visible flaws as they arrive at the factory. The humidity percentage is also tracked throughout the entire production process. 

With every customer’s log house, we make test corners at our factory. Before the beginning of the production, we test the fit of the corners and the quality of the woodwork done on the logs. There must be no more than 0,2 mm deviation with the thickness of the log and 0,5 mm with the height. Also, the fit of the corner must be perfect. All logs are also checked once more before packaging, so we know that the quality of our work is good enough to be delivered throughout the World. 


Ecological production

We do not want to waste one bit of our precious ecological raw material. Wood absorbs vast amounts of energy, so it can be utilized to the last splinter. All of the saw dust and excess wood that is born as a byproduct of the production is directed to an adjacent heating plant. The energy needed for heating the factory is created by burning excess wood and the excess energy is allocated to the local electricity grid.