Your bespoke design

Do you already have an architect and a set of drawings? Or a pen & paper sketch of your dream home or a Pinterest board full of (p)inspirational design ideas? We specialize in realizing customers' dreams and making your ideas into reality. After all, you as the customer know best what you want.

How to start designing your own house?

Gather ideas, some ideal floor plans and try to narrow down the amount of bedrooms. If you have a plot, then you can get information locally what is suitable to build there. You can also start with one of our standard designs and modify it as you see fit. We will then take a thorough look at your drawings and ideas and give a price with either the Log house system or Artic Frame system. We constantly develop both building systems to improve the thermal properties of the structures - we also know both system's possibilities and restrictions.

If you already have a set of drawings, please send them to us by using the Contact us-page or send e-mail to We will reply with an e-mail or a phone call, just as you wish.